The Sting

Loving him is like being Alan Turing dealing with code cracking

The feeling is anything but boring

Loving him is like self-harming

Painfully addicting

Loving him is like sipping your favorite drinking

As easy as sleeping into his swing

Missing him is like standing among non human beings

Freezing yet frightening

Hearing his objection was like crushing my pride building

As suffocating as doing your own neck-choking.

The Rubber Band on My Fingers

“He fucked me so good that i almost said i love you.” said Lana Del Rey in her song.

I used to be skeptical over that line — until i had those words almost slipped out of my tongue.

I had never expected a…

Sex position has never been my number one concern. Honestly speaking, one can do a good sex regardless the position as long as both enjoy the moment mutually. Well, at least that’s what I believe. However, what if somebody shows you that position matters for him to the point where…

One of my former classmate blew a sexual harassment she experienced a while ago on social media. Apparently, she got invited to a hotel by her own friend while having her thigh caressed. She cursed the action of this guy — claiming that it was very improper and got her…

Do not expect me to write about all the banging against the wall. Well, of course, standing sex was thrilling as fuck — especially when you do that beneath a shower or inside a fitting room. In a way, this chapter will talk about invisible shield a human can put…

She wishes someone would visit her Dad’s grave

Bringing him some flowers and greetings to his dead body a few feet beneath the soil

She wishes him many birthday greetings

He didn’t budge

Maybe he was disappointed

He didn’t even come to her dreams

Maybe he was hurt

What’s worse than regret?

A child was guilty for lying to her parents

She thought it would be very bad

“The punishment must be very hurt”

She was afraid

She thought runaway was the key to escape outta this problem

She found a hideaway

She thought it would make her…

The sharp ones danced on my skin

I recalled those faces

Staring at me in pain

Cried inside of their heads

I said i shouldn’t have done this

But i paint myself red

Is this how it feels like?

I felt something stinging

But it was nothing compared to the pain

I tried to feel the reality

I failed

Jumping on the real pain

It wasn’t like this

What was on my head

It was worse

I couldn’t bear it

I wanted to end it

But the guts weren’t enough

I always wanted to do it

How did they earn it?

Please let me know

I’d like to join in

The ultimate happiness

asyifa mahardika

The Liberty lies in death.

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